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UNCLE....Let me niece and nephew your children :)

Thanks Bandcamp for making such a cool service to support artists!

So I'm selling ALL my music past and present for $5 a year....WOW! This gets you:

-My whole back catalog of work!
-My next single, Taylor Swift (feat. Laura Lee Bishop) for a whole month and a half before the album drops in November.
-This also gets you that SAME album, Bug, for that SAME $5 come November!
-Unreleased songs that have never even seen the light of day! :0 (will upload soon this coming December 2016)

What you get:

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Uncle Meg
Brooklyn, New York
Having broken off from their viral rap collective HAND JOB ACADEMY, 2015 saw the solo emcee carving out her own musical lane—one that easily rivals the fiery touch of 2006’s Lady Sovereign. Uncle Meg is a West Virginian born, Brooklyn-based rapper who’s visual & lyrical talent have been featured in Paper Magazine, New York Magazine, Nylon Magazine, LA Weekly, & many more.

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